What is Vision Therapy?

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is a program of activities prescribed by an Optometrist, similar in many ways to occupational therapy and physical therapy, just geared for the visual system.  The activities provide the experience necessary to develop and improve visual skills.  This happens thanks to neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change itself in response to new experiences.  We make use of equipment such as lenses, prisms, 3D glasses, trampolines, and balance boards, computer games, etc.

Therapy in our clinic is broken down into units of 10 weeks.  Most people make the necessary improvement in one or two units, but cases of amblyopia and strabismus often take longer.  It involves meeting with one of our therapists once per week for 45 minutes where activities are performed and learned. They are then practiced at home daily until the next meeting. Those who put in the time and effort at home make bigger gains in less time compared to those who don’t.

Vision therapy is not related to the see clearly method or similar programs.  If you are myopic (nearsightedness caused by the eyeball growing longer,) vision therapy won’t eliminate the need for glasses or contacts.

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